Vom Anfang German Shepherds

Workingline German Shepherds

The man who rears a dog must complete what the breeder began. The breeder can indeed lay the foundation of a good and serviceable dog, but the trainer must see to it that he brings the dog to their highest possible development of the physical and mental foundation already laid, and thus his is the more grateful task.
Max von Stephanitz - Founder of the German Shepherd Dog

Puppy Placement....

   We take the placement of our dogs very seriously as the welfare of the dogs depends upon the proper placement of our offspring. Special consideration will be given to handlers experienced in competitive dog sports, herding, police work, search and rescue and any venue that gives the dog a job. However, it is most important to us that the dog finds a good, loving, understanding home, where they can be cherished as a member of the family. We would not place the highest drive puppy in a pet home or the lowest drive puppy in a working home. But please bear in mind that these are working dogs and even the calmest puppy may not be a couch potato.

Our puppies are raised in home and handled early on. We spend countless hours raising, interacting and stimulating our pups to anything they might encounter in the real world and then some. Our goal is to produce healthy, versatile pups with an emphasis on sound temperaments and the working qualities needed to be  confident working dogs and stable companions. They will have been microchipped, vaccinated and wormed before leaving our care.

Our puppies are sold on Limited Registration unless discussed otherwise for experienced working or performance homes. Otherwise registration may be lifted to Full Registration at 24 months of age, after they are health tested (Minimum of OFA'd Hips and Elbows) as well as working or titled in some venue.

What is Limited Registration?

We are often asked this question by prospective owners and often times it may be off putting. Quite simply Limited registration means that the dog is registered but NO LITTERS PRODUCED BY THAT DOG ARE ELIGIBLE FOR REGISTRATION, they may also not be shown in AKC conformation but this does not stop them from partaking in other sports and events. If you have no interest in showing, working or breeding then there is no need for full AKC registration. They will still come with papers and a pedigree.

The reason we sell our puppies on limited registration is to protect our puppies from unscrupulous breeders who may breed our puppies without doing the proper health and temperament testing.  It is important to us that the standards be upheld to ensure the longevity of the breed and our kennel name.

We do offer lifting to Full AKC Registration under the condition that at 2 years of age the dogs hips and elbows are passing and have a working or performance title.



Our puppy prices range from $1600- $1800. Depending on the particular litter.

‚Äč We require $500 nonrefundable holding fee to hold place in litter once they are born.

Deposits can be rolled to another litter should not enough puppies be born or not be suited towards your needs from that particular litter.  We do not guarantee for color. Preference will be given to working homes for our litters.

We do not sell our puppies as breeding prospects to non-working homes.

 Shipping is available within the continental US through Continental Airlines. Shipping is an additional fee to cover Health Certificate, Crate. Air Fair and Transportation to the Airport.

Shipping is estimated to be around $500

 All puppies must be paid in full by 6-7 weeks of age in order to make arrangements for shipping.

We recommend puppy buyers have a look at this website as there is an abundance of useful information on the GSD breed from the German Shepherd's history to the varying types of types and different standards. It also includes several links and resources that you might find useful.

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