Vom Anfang German Shepherds

Workingline German Shepherds

 G Litter

  Born 7/21/19
5 Females & 4 Males

KKL1 5CV1/P Che Guevara ZVV2
European K9 Training Base

Daenerys vom Eisenherz PSA PDC TT

Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) - Elbows: SV: Normal DM Clear
OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal. DM Carrier
Che resides at Debut German Shepherds.

 Green Male "Gendry" - AVAILABLE

Last available but certainly not least. "Gendry" is a higher drive male who is almost always on our pant legs or the flirtpole. Our hope is that he will go to an experienced working home or at the very least someone with experience with high drive, audacious puppies who can channel his drive and energy into something be it a job or performance sports or an active lifestyle. He is confident and outgoing, never misses a meal, going to be fairly large.

Black Male "Goku" - SOLD

White Male "Gnemo" - SOLD

Blue Male "G-Rogue"- SOLD

Yellow Female - "Ganja" - RESERVED

Red Female "Gravity" - Sold

Pink Female "Gwisp" Sold

Orange Female "Gypsy"- Sold

 No Collar Female "Gabby" Sold

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