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Rory is a striking dark red sable with excellent conformation. She has a beautiful head with a definite feminine expression, alert dark eyes and well-set ears. She is compact at 60lbs but incredibly fast and agile!

 Rory is very social but is especially adoring to her family.  She is very sweet and absolutely adores children. She is good with other animals. Rory has very high motivation for the ball and good food drive, transitioning into happy, energetic obedience. She has a certain exuberance in everything she does. She has great focus and very handler oriented. In protection she has nice, full bites and a very fast strike. She is a spring loaded 'pocket rocket'. Naturally very amiable but will light up when provoked. We have started agility with her and she absolutely loves it. She has very nice innate tracking abilities which we hope to apply in K9 Nose Work in the future.


UKC Conformation - Hutto, TX.
4-21-13           UKC Conformation         Puppy/Best Female                         Judge: Lynn Martin
4-21-13           UKC Conformation         Puppy/Best Female                         Judge: Barbara Marin

‚Äč                                    Rory earned 50 points towards her UKC Championship. (50/100)

UKC Conformation - Denton, TX.
11/2/13             UKC Conformation        Junior/Best Female                         Judge: Heidi Halverson
11/2/13             UKC Conformation        Junior/Best Female/Reserve           Judge: Karen Shivers
11/3/13             UKC Conformation        Junior/Best Female/Reserve           Judge: Debbie Mitchell 
                                 Rory earned 30 more points towards her UKC Championship. (80/100)

UKC Conformation - Denton, TX - March 8-9, 2014
3/8/14            UKC Conformation          Junior Class/Reserve                       Judge: Stanley Matsumoto
3/8/14            UKC Conformation          Junior Class/Reserve                       Judge: Dorothy Jacobs
3/9/14            UKC Conformation          Junior Class/Reserve                       Judge: Tim Parr
Rory earned 30 more points towards her UKC Championship. (100/100). She now needs 3 class wins!
ATTS Temperament Test - Midlothian, TX. - May 3, 2014
4/3/14             Temperament Test           Passed!                                           
UKC Conformation -  Midlothian, TX. - May 24-25, 2014
5/24/14         UKC Conformation           Junior Class                                                             Judge: David Arthur
5/25/14         UKC Conformation           Junior Class/Best Female/Best of Winners      Judge: Michael Heflin
5/25/14         UKC Conformation           Junior Class                                                            Judge: Dorothy Jacobs
5/24/14         UKC Conformation           Junior Class                                                             Judge: Teresa Werder
Rory now needs 2 wins to become a Champion!
K9 Working Dogs West Coast Regionals - Waxahachie, TX - October 25-26, 2014
10/25/14              PSA                           PDC - Passed 137/155                                            Judge: Jerry Bradshaw
Wild Wild West K9 Klash Tournament - Waxahachie, TX - March 19, 2015
4/19/15              Beginners                  4th Place ( of 20 entries)    

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V Boy von Zorra

SCHH3, KKL1, HD-normal(a1)/ED-normal
"Boy is a gorgeous dark sable
 that shows as much promise in the work as any young dog we've seen. Boy has unlimited potential for all three phases of the work at the highest levels of the sport, and is exceptionally talented in the protection work with flawless gripping, super barking and powerful striking. Boy is a masculine, stallion-type male with a huge head and massive bone. But this is no show dog in working clothes; Boy is strong, fast and athletic and brings power, intensity and drive to everything he does. This young dog has impeccable character, has high pack drive and is naturally protective of his handler and home.

V Capri vom Hagenberg

SCHH1, KKL1, HD-normal(a1)/ED-normal
"Capri is serious, civil, clear-headed intense, and totally stable. She is a strong female who passes on these qualities to her puppies. Unbelievable structure for a working line dog, truly a "V" structured dog! She has great pigment, a beautiful head, solid bone, and perfect size. She is substantial without being heavy and very agile. "
Large-boned, powerful and full of substance, deeply pigmented, good expression. Strong back, something emphasized croup, upper arm should be a little oblique, very good angulation of the hindquarters, transitions have good length of stride. TSB pronounced, dog leaves off.

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