Vom Anfang German Shepherds

Workingline German Shepherds

C Litter vom Anfang

June 17, 2016
6 Females/4 Males


OFA: Hips Fair/Elbows Normal/ DM Clear
OFA: Hips Good/Elbows Normal/DM Carrier

Puppies are expected to mature into medium to high drives. Medium-High energy, however with the right outlet for their energy and drives   should settle in the home no problem. Rory and Brego are both incredibly social and stable dogs but very in tuned to their handlers. Great with people and children, no dog aggression. This pairing should produce very high prey drive with moderate defense which seems to have become more prominent with maturation (Ie be patient and don't force it, as they may be slow to mature). Both Rory and Brego have very high ball drive which transitions into upbeat, happy obedience. Both have unwavering enthusiasm to work and learn which this level of drive provides, however recommended for firm but fair handlers willing to dedicate the  training from a young age as both can be tenacious. Just as any workingline puppy or any puppy really they must be made an integral part of the family to form a close working bond. Puppies highly recommended for IPO homes or performance homes such as agility, competitive obedience as well as active family companions.

Medium to large in size, should produce solid bone with sound and correct conformation, strong heads and excellent expression. Puppies are sold with a 2 year hip and elbow contract and guarantee. Contact for more information on placing a deposit.

Our puppies are sold with AKC limited (non-breeding) registration.Limited may be lifted after proof of working ability, temperament and health testing. This is for the safety of our puppies. Full registration for breeding is available to ethical, established breeders of quality working lines. Please email to discuss.

Casper vom Anfang AKA "Maverick"
No Collar - Sable Male
RESERVED to M. Collins of Ontario, Canada

CHEZA vom Anfang
Green Collar - Sable Female
Sold to the Kilpatrick Family

Catch vom Anfang
White Collar - Sable Male
RESERVED to A. Guadalquiver of Houston, TX.

Cora vom Anfang
Purple Collar - Sable Female
DaSilva of Frisco, Tx.

Casino vom Anfang AKA "Joker"
Orange Collar - Sable Male
RESERVED to S. Obenhaus of Vernon, Tx. 

Chili vom Anfang
Brown Collar - Black Female
RESERVED to G. Salinas

Chloe vom Anfang
Brown Collar - Black Female
RESERVED to S. Truong of Lorena, Tx.

Cierna vom Anfang
Black Collar - Black Female
RESERVED to K. Harris of Cross Roads, Tx.

Cherry vom Anfang
Pink Collar - Sable Female
RESERVED to D. Horn of San Antonio, TX.

Calcifer vom Anfang AKA "Max"
Red Collar - Sable Male
RESERVED to R. Verastegui of Laredo, Tx.

V Drago vom Patriot Schh 3

V Easy v.d. Hundshardt Schh 3 RHFL, RHF, FH1
V Boy von Zorra Schh 3

V Capri vom Hagenberg Schh1

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