Vom Anfang German Shepherds

Workingline German Shepherds

B Litter vom Anfang

November 5, 2015
4 Males / 3 Females




OFA: Hips Good/Elbows Normal/ DM Clear
OFA: Hips Good/Elbows Normal/DM Carrier

Bishop vom Anfang AKA "Brody"
Owned by Sharon B. of Copperas Cove, TX

Bosun vom Anfang AKA "Gunnar"
Owned by Maureen S. of Albuquerque, NM

Brix vom Anfang
Owned by Tammy H. of Waco, TX

"We love our German Shepherd Brix from this litter as well. She is so smart and a close member of our family! Thanks!"

Well! Foundations 2 class in the books!! Brix is loving the tunnel and plank! We are on to the Intro to Agility and Obstacles class!

Balin vom Anfang AKA "Rocky"
Owned by Judy J. of Leona, TX

"Balin (Rocky) and Sarge are best buddies. Balin has learned to sit and wait inside when I open the door and go out. He watches for a hand signal and then he and Sarge come quietly outdoors to me. He is very observant of Sarge and will copy whatever Sarge does. So it has been very easy to teach him commands: sit wait here down etc. He is well house trained and sleeps without complaint in his large crate at night. Needless to say he is a sweetheart and we already dearly love him. We love to go on walks through the woods! Sarge will chase a rabbit but Rocky sits near me and watches the whole chase."

Brenna vom Anfang
Owned by Chelsea N. of San Antonio, TX

Baron vom Anfang AKA "Traeger"
Owned by Emily G. of Waco, TX

"I just wanted to tell you that we are so happy with our German Shepard that we got from y'all. We call him Traeger :) not Baron or Blue;)) He is better than ever expected and we already love him dearly. He's incredibly lovable but protective. And so extremely smart!! I truly am in awe and can't wait to care and love him for the rest of his life!! Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity! I am so grateful for y'all!!"

Honey Bee vom Anfang
Owned by Chris B. of Bryan, TX

(Honey laying down)

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